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Cosmetic Tattooing


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First session - $459

Touch Up $200

Also known as Feather Touch brows, are hair-like strokes that create the most natural look in brow tattooing.


Microblading is best for clients with lots of natural brow hair and minimal patchiness. If there is little natural hair, the tattoo can look flat and stripy which is not the result we are trying to achieve. Ideally we want the natural brow hair to buffer the stroke pattern and look as 3D as possible.


MicroBlading isn’t suitable for someone with extremely oily skin or someone that works out often. This is because the tattoo will fade faster. This candidate is better to opt for an Ombré or Powder brow.


All Microblading clients eventually have to transition to a Powder Brow, as the hair strokes migrate closer together and fill the space between strokes.

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Ombre Brows

First session - $500

Touch up - $200

Are very popular and a suitable option for almost everyone. An Ombre Brow replies on clients natural hair in the front of the brow to complete the soft to darker blend.

Because of this, it isn’t the best option for clients that have little to no hair in the fronts of their brows. It is a suitable option for people with oily skin and active lifestyles.

The pigment is at its darkest colour at the tail end of the brow and gradually fades into a medium shade, to then the lightest shade at the front of the brow. Creating a beautiful ombré effect.


Ombré Brows heal to a very natural look and the blend can be done in different ways to create different looks.


Powder Brows

First session - $500

Touch up - $200

Powder Brows is the tattoo option suitable for all clients. Initially Powder Brows are the most intense look however, they soften and heal to create a beautiful ’brow tint’ look. Pigment is implemented into the skin throughout the entire brow to create a soft but full coverage.


Powder Brows are a great option and highly advised for clients that wear make up every day or find they are always filling in their eyebrows.


It is also the best option for clients who need any corrective work. if they have missing tails of their brows, if they start too far apart, work in a hot environment, etc.


Combination Brow

First session - $500
Touch up - $200

Combination Brows are a hybrid of Microblading at the front of the brows and blends into an Ombre Brow from the mid to tail. creating a beautiful feathery appearance. Keeping the fronts natural looking while still achieving a defined arch and helping create shape.​


Combo Brows heal to a lovely end result and the hair strokes in the fronts of the brows can be tailored to your desires depending on how soft and natural you would like.

Like Microblading & Ombre Brows, this technique is best suited to clients that have decent fronts of their brows to achieve to most natural result. 

Combination Brow


Lip Blush

First session - $550

Touch Up $250

The Lip Blush technique is a great option for those with an already defined lip border. Providing a beautiful wash of colour over the lips it achieves a soft and natural-looking tint on the lips. This technique enhances the natural lip colour and gives a slightly flushed appearance.



Ombre Lip

First session - $550

Touch Up $250

Ombre Lips also known as Lip Liner and Blend, involves outlining the lips with a defined lip liner, and then blending the colour gently into the lips for a subtle, natural-looking enhancement.


The colour can be completely customisable, however as we want it to blend seamlessly, it is often best to stick with a more colour closer to your natural lip colour.


Full Lip

First session - $600

Touch Up $300

A Full Lip Tattoo involves defining the lip border and adding an even layer of pigment to the entire lip area. This can be as opaque or you desire. The results giving the lips a defined, consistent and beautiful result.


The colour can be completely customisable, giving you the freedom to achieve a 'my lips but better' look or colour match to your favourite lip stick.


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Lash Enhancement

First session - $450
Touch Up $250

A Lash Line Enhancement involves the application of fine, subtle dots or a thin line of pigment along the lash line to create the appearance of fuller and more defined eyelashes without the look of traditional eyeliner.

This is a beautiful treatment that helps to create definition to the eyes while still looking extremely natural.

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Top Liner

First session - $550
Touch Up $250

During the Top Liner procedure, pigment is applied along the upper eyelid to create the appearance of eyeliner, enhancing and defining the eyes with various styles, ranging from subtle and natural to bold and dramatic.

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Bottom Liner

First session - $200
Touch Up $150

A bottom liner cosmetic tattoo involves tattooing along the lower eyelid to create the appearance of eyeliner, enhancing and defining the eyes, typically in a subtle and natural manner.

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