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Three Profiles

Who Are We?

by Nadia. was first established 2019 in Dunedin, New Zealand. Initially we offered exclusively Lash Extensions after training with the incredible Kimberley from Lady Lash. Nadia went on to further up skill in the lash industry, delving further into different styling techniques. Learning about different facial features so that each client receives their own bespoke set that enhances their features. As there is no 'one size fits all' here.

After making it through the trials and tribulations that came with lockdown and various alert levels, Nadia decided it was time to offer another service and delved into the world of Brows. Completing her training with FeatherTouch Cosmetic Tattoo, Nadia loved offering both Brows & Lashes as the services complemented each other beautifully. 

It was from here that Nadia decided she was ready to take on the Cosmetic Tattooing world. Returning to FeatherTouch Cosmetic Tattoo to learn the skills in Microblading, Ombre Brow & Powder Brow techniques.

Once Nadia began her Cosmetic Tattooing journey she was hooked, and new straight away that she would go on to learn more techniques in the future. Which is exactly what happened. Now offering Cosmetic Tattooing for Eyebrows, Eyeliner & Lips, it is Nadia's greatest passion. The ability to help her clients enhance their natural features, and create effortless results improving her clients everyday lives brings her so much joy. 

As each of our different services have slowly been introduced, we take pride in knowing that each treatment we offer has been given the time and dedication to perfecting, that it deserves. It has meant we are able to offer only the highest of quality to our clients. They can rest assured that they are in capable and highly skilled hands when visiting us. 

Meet Our Founder 

Nadia Tutbury, Senior Artist & Your Unqualified Therapist

Growing up Nadia always expressed a passion for beauty and girlhood. Spending her spare time watching all the youtube beauty gurus. While she never anticipated working in the industry, it comes as no surprise she eventually found her way into the industry.

Nadia is all about uplifting and empowering women, whether that is through the connections and friendships made during your visit, or helping you to enhance your natural beauty with her skills.

One of her favourite things about her job are the deeper connections and fun conversations she gets to share with her clients. As what's said on the lash bed is sacred & secret. And as a result of this technician and client get to know one another on a deeper level - Your Unqualified Therapist.

Originally from Dunedin, where by Nadia. was established she decided to shift to the big smoke and take the business with her. She has enjoyed all the challenges she has encountered on this journey, as growth only comes beyond your comfort zone. 

Nadia still has plenty of big goals for the future and looks forward to meeting more of you and your goals along the way.

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Natural Beauty
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