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What is a Cosmetic Lip Tattoo?

These treatments use techniques that define and enhance the lips. These treatments provides lip colour and definition, acheieveing similar results to a lip stain. Depending on your desired effect, the different techniques offer results from a subtle tint to more noticeable, dramatic looks. In doing so, eliminating the need for daily and regular lipstick application. 

As we age our lips can shrink and lose their shape. Having permanent makeup on the lips can help bring back the fullness to the lip without having to opt for lip fillers. However! Having both lip filler and colour can be the ultimate dream makeover for your lips.

You can take a look at the various options we offer at by Nadia. below, to find the style that best suits you and your needs. 

*please note, all pictures are showcasing results directly after the treatment. The end results heals and fades to a beautiful and natural result.


Lip Blush

First session - $550
Touch Up $250

The Lip Blush technique is a great option for those with an already defined lip border. Providing a beautiful wash of colour over the lips it achieves a soft and natural-looking tint on the lips. This technique enhances the natural lip colour and gives a slightly flushed appearance.


Ombre Lip

First session - $550
Touch Up $250

Ombre Lips also known as Lip Liner and Blend, involves outlining the lips with a defined lip liner, and then blending the colour gently into the lips for a subtle, natural-looking enhancement.
The colour can be completely customisable, however as we want it to blend seamlessly, it is often best to stick with a more colour closer to your natural lip colour.


Full Lip

First session - $600
Touch Up $300

A Full Lip Tattoo involves defining the lip border and adding an even layer of pigment to the entire lip area. This can be as opaque or you desire. The results giving the lips a defined, consistent and beautiful result.
The colour can be completely customisable, giving you the freedom to achieve a 'my lips but better' look or colour match to your favourite lip stick.

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