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effortless beauty.

Helping you to enhance your natural features and live a low-maintenance life.


It is no secret that we often forget to take the time to look after ourselves.


When you visit us, we hope you finally get a chance and take a moment to breathe.


Located in the heart of Auckland, your voice will be heard and can rest assured you are in capable hands.


We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and expert technique. So that when you leave you feel not only beautiful, but empowered.


The very best version of YOU.

Welcome to 



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Our Treatments

You are in only the best of hands with us, offering various services for all your lash, brow & permanent make-up needs.


What sets us apart from others is our attention to detail. We have gradually up-skilled and refined each treatment individually.

We have slowly introduced a new service throughout the years, meaning we have had the time to focus our attention on each technique as we have up-skilled.

Meet Our Founder 

Nadia Tutbury, Senior Artist & Your Unqualified Therapist

Growing up Nadia always expressed a passion for beauty and girlhood. Spending her spare time watching all the youtube beauty gurus. While she never anticipated working in the industry, it comes as no surprise she eventually found her way into the industry.

Nadia is all about uplifting and empowering women, whether that is through the connections and friendships made during your visit, or helping you to enhance your natural beauty with her skills.

One of her favourite things about her job are the deeper connections and fun conversations she gets to share with her clients. As what's said on the lash bed is sacred & secret. And as a result of this technician and client get to know one another on a deeper level - Your Unqualified Therapist.

Originally from Dunedin, where by Nadia. was established she decided to shift to the big smoke and take the business with her. She has enjoyed all the challenges she has encountered on this journey, as growth only comes beyond your comfort zone. 

Nadia still has plenty of big goals for the future and looks forward to meeting more of you and your goals along the way.

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Michelle C

Professional and does beautiful lashes! Always discussed what looks I want that compliments my eyes and is a perfectionist. Can always trust Nadia to do an excellent job!
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